Main Partners of INDEXPO

The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI)

CNCI is the premier Industrial chamber in the country established in 1969 by an act of parliament performs its role as the Nation’s Voice of Industry. The Chamber has over 260 member companies across all products and service sectors promoting and safeguarding the interests of local manufacturers as well as the services to industry. CNCI is the major share holder of Indexpo.

The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE)

NCE is the only private sector chamber which exclusively serves export oriented enterprises in the country established in 1994. The Chamber has over 450 member companies across all products and service sectors. The Chamber is the Voice of the Exporter. NCE is the other share holder of Indexpo.

Other Partners for Providing Services

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (UK) (CIEH)

Indexpo is the Registered center Sri Lanka of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (UK) (CIEH). It is leading provider of accredited qualifications in food safety Health and Safety, and Environmental Management, and the institute itself has been in existence since the 1840s. Last year 610,000 people successfully passed CIEH exams and got a certificate – presently over 7 million people are holding CIEH certificates in UK and abroad. Indexpo has a team of 8 trainers qualified under CIEH level 4 in Food Safety who are registered as trainers by CIEH.

National Cleaner production center of Sri Lanka

National Cleaner Production Centre, Sri Lanka (NCPCSL) is an institution established by UNIDO in 2002 under the Ministry of Industrial Development to prevent pollution and conserve resources by industries by the application of Cleaner Production (CP) practices. NCPC, which is funded by Royal Norwegian Government works very closely with the chambers, associations and individual industries to prevent/ reduce negative environmental impacts caused by business enterprises in the country and NCPCSL is a member of the global family of 40 UNIDO/UNEP family of NCPCs and has closely worked with over 200 industries to achieve its objectives in Sri Lanka.